C-Quenze - our newest line of Loudspeaker Drivers.


C-Quenze drivers are based on the same technology as the Flexunits,

but use a solid die cast basket instead of the modular basket used

in Flexunits. This precludes customized basket dimensions – only our new

C-Quenze cones or cones with a similar height can be used.

The best part of energy during development was put into refinement of the performance in the midrange area. All the materials used, were picked to obtain the trustworthiest midrange reproduction. The drivers are extremely fast and move without any dynamic compression due to the mechanical construction.

For OEM customers, we are still able to make adjustments regarding the T/S parameters as well as the physical parameters – FX. Voice coil winding height, magnetic gap height and magnet sizes.

The features such as: SD system, Kapton voice coil former and under hung motor structure are still available in the C-Quenze drivers. Hexacoil voice coil winding technique is used.

The high ventilation factor through the centre pole piece, under the rear suspension and the perforation to the voice coil, are naturally kept intact, enabling the moving system to accelerate without any compression.

Frequency response curves in the C-Quenze drivers have been improved, compared to the Flexunits.


15 H 52 15 06

15 - Nominal driver size in Centimeters

     H - Magnet code (H = 120x20mm)

        52 - Voice coil diameter (mm)

             15 - Winding height of voice coil

                  06 - Magnetic gap height


Additional codes:

SD = Symmetric drive

K = Kapton voice coil former

KA = Combination of Kapton and Aluminum

P = Sandwich Cone

M = Midrange surround



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