1 What is the difference between Flexunits and the C-Quenze drivers?
2 Why does Audiotechnology use Polypropylene cones?
3 What is the difference between Kapton and aluminum voice coils?
4 What are the conditions of the measurements on your web site, with respect to baffle size?
5 Does Vas and fs change with usage or is this just a fairytale?
6 What is your general rule for crossing over the midrange to a woofer?
7 Would you please tell me the difference on Characteristics for the 18 H 52 17 06 SD and without SD
8 Do you have a brief explanation why the dome design is better than a stationary phase plug?
9 I wonder if you could clarify the power rating of your drivers?
10 Why do you offer several voice coil diameters and magnet sizes and also combinations of this.
11 What are the differences between P/P and Sandwich Cones?


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